Emirates ID card or resident identity card is an electronic identification card issued by Emirates Authority. It is mandatory for all UAE residents and expatriates to have the Emirates card. 

New Visa Holder: If you are new visa holder, you need to apply for the Emirates ID card. 

How to Apply for the Emirates ID Card:

1. You need to visit to the nearest typing center or visit www.emirates.ae 

2. You need to visit a medical center or registration center to complete the application process.

3. You need to pay the ID card fee at the registration center or online while submitting the application form.

4. You will be receiving the confirmation via SMS and the appointment will be mentioned on the application form.

5. Expats should visit to nearest medical center as soon as possible to give biometrics data. They don’t need appointment.

6. Proceed to the nearest medical center or registration center on the appointment date and complete the biometrics data process.

7. If you apply through Emirates ID card representative, they will capture your photo and biometrics data at their office.

8. Finally you will be receiving the conformation via SMS from Emirates Authority once you card is printed.

9. Once your card is ready, you will be receiving SMS to collect.

10. You can collect your card from local post office.

Required Documents: 

For UAE national: 
1. Completed application form (application form can be found from any typing center or online).
2. Original Valid Passport.
3. Original Valid Family Book.
4. Proof of Residency.

For New Born Baby: 
1. Original Passport.
2. Original Birth Certificate.
3. One photo with white background.
4. Father's Original Passport.

Emirates application form should be attached with the new born baby’s visa stamping application.

Children Under 15 Years of age:
1. Passport original.
2. If new visa holder, Original Visa.
3. 1 photo having white background (Without Eyeglasses).
4. Birth Certificate original.

If Birth Certificate is not there then, applicant can submit one of the  documents mentioned below: 
• Father Passport.
• Fathers Residency for Residents as well as Expatriates.
• Father Entry Permit for Expatriates.
• Father Emirates Identity Card front and back side.

Renewal of Emirates ID Card: 

Emirates ID application form should be attached with the visa renewal form in order to renew the Emirates ID card. There is no need of finger print or biometrics data this time, if your previous biometrics data is clear.

In Case of Losing of Emirates ID:

If you lose your Emirates ID, you need to visit nearest authorized typing center and show your copy of ID or ID number & expiry date. If you don’t have the copy of your ID, you have to provide your passport copy with visa page. With your passport copy and visa page typing center can send online request for your ID. Once you receive SMS from ID authority, you can proceed with the application process.

Emirates ID Card

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