As we know the economic crisis of 2009 affected Dubai a lot but still Expat living in Dubai have the experiences of lavish life. The healthy tax free remuneration and royal life style of Dubai attracted the migrants from various countries. Eight percent of Dubai’s populations of around 2 millions are Emirati and other ninety two percent are expats and migrant workers.

EXPAT LIVING IN DUBAI: Life in Dubai is dominated by Islamic religion but it is not limited to Muslims. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre organizes the visits to the Mosque for non-Muslims and expatriates for cultural understanding. Its intension is to further understanding of expats and tourist for cultural and religious heritage of the Emirates.

Expat living in Dubai

ACCOMMODATION: In Dubai, one can rent an apartment and have the utility service connected, if he is a legal resident. If the residence is not yet issued, he can ask his employer to provide the proof that permit is being processed.

In case of renting a place for expat living in Dubai, one should use the brokers or agents (who are officially registered) and hold their registration ID cards.  Their office must have a license issued by Department of Economic Development. An official real estate agent receives a payment of 5% of the annual rent and this amount is paid at the time of signing the lease.

If someone wishes to settle down in Dubai on temporary visitor visa, he can’t sign a fixed term tenancy agreement. However, the short term lease is offered by some brokers for those who wish to have more private setting than a hotel but it is quite expensive. Be aware of unregister brokers and agents.

COST OF LIVING IN DUBAI: The cost of living in Dubai mainly consists of accommodation, food and dining, transportation and education.

The highest household expense is accommodation. In Dubai, apart from the popular expats neighborhood areas, other areas are quite cheaper. The rental contracts in Dubai are valid for one year, and are renewed annually. 

When it comes to grocery, the expenditure depends upon you completely. The local brand goods will be cheaper then international brand goods.

Dubai has good public transport system where you will not have to spend more. Also, you can lease a car to make your life hassle free and easier upon arrival.

Education: Education for expat children add a heavy financial burden to cost of living in Dubai. However, it will be cheaper if your company owns “corporate seats” at one of the international schools.

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