Every year United Arab Emirates receives thousands of expatriates who are moving to Dubai from across the globe making it a lucrative destination for any job seeker. Among all the emirates of Arab, Dubai is considered the most advanced one that facilitates excellent expat environment. The prime reason for expats moving to Dubai is the income tax-free rules of the place which is a great advantage for any worker. The salary packages offered here are handsome and the lifestyle is comfortable and luxurious.

Expats living in Dubai find food, fuel and transportation at quite reasonable rates excluding residential accommodation and schooling. The government schools are not open for the foreigners, which in turn leaves them with no other option but to educate their kids in schools of international boards. The fee in these international board schools is sky-high.


Dubai has excellent medical facilities and it’s a compulsion to have a health insurance in order to reside and work in Dubai. Many recruiters in Dubai bear the expenses of their employees’ health insurance.

The reason why there is a major of expatriates moving to Dubai is the large number of work opportunities available for expats to choose from. The no income taxation rule works like cherry on the cake.

Arabic is the official language of Dubai and the dominant religion there is Islam. Expats are expected to follow rules and respect Islam irrespective of what religion they belong to. The laws of Dubai are strict and expatriates have to abide by them. It is of best interest for expats to learn the local language though English is largely understood by the natives of Dubai.

The climate of Dubai is such that in summers it becomes nearly impossible to stay comfortable in the hot winds that envelop the city. Expatriates in Dubai find it best to holiday elsewhere or visit their native land in the hot unbearable summers. The temperature rising up to 47 degrees is a common sight in the month of August.

Dubai offers one of the finest restaurants and eating joints with sumptuous and exotic cuisines for people to relish. Food, being available at reasonable rates makes expats enjoy and relish Arabic and other exotic dishes.

Transportation too is reasonable in Dubai and expats find it comfortable to commute wherever they want. Today, majority of the population of Dubai consists of expats explaining clearly how lucrative a destination Dubai is.

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