UAE Mission visa is not the same as Temporary Work Permit, and it is applied at the Ministry of Labor (MOL) by sponsoring company. It allows people to work in United Arab Emirates on probation period or short period with the validation of 90 days which is renewable up to another 90 days. Seven days grace period is available after expiration date of Mission Visa within which one can depart from UAE but it is always advisable to depart before expiration date of mission visa.

Multiple Entry or Single Entry:

It is not clarified that if this visa is multiple entry or single entry. According to MOL website, if a worker departs from the UAE during his employment period, he is not eligible to re-enter to the country. But later on this information is found from Ministry Of Labor that this visa is multi entry.

Special Mission Entry Visa: This visa is issued for 14 days which is non-renewable, and it’s also known as Transit Visa which is collected by the visitor upon arrival. 

Sponsoring company: This visa is applied by the sponsoring company at Ministry of Labor (MOL). According to the latest information, the permanent work permit application applied by sponsoring company are rejected by general manager of MOL. Employees who have entered UAE through mission visa should depart from the UAE and re-enter through residence visa. General Manager asserts that the ministry allowed companies to bring workers on mission visa for the period of three to six months. 

Required Documents for Mission Visa: 

1. Copy of trade license.
2. Labor establishment card.
3. Immigration establishment card.
4. Sponsor’s passport copy.
5. Sponsor’s e-signature card.
6. Passport copy.
7. One Passport sized photo.

Additional Information:

Mission Card: Visitors who have entered the country on Mission visa need to get Mission Card from the Ministry of Labor. Mission visa can be converted to UAE work permit, and it can be issued from MOL.

Medical & Labor Card: Medical and Labor Card/Contract should be completed within the 30 days of arrival to UAE. Emirates Id and visa stamping are not required for mission visa holder.

Labor Card Renew: It should be done within the 7 days of expiration date. Late renew will cost you per day.

Cancellation: Once an employee exits, take the exit information print out from immigration in order to cancel the mission visa and then cancel Labor Card from Tasheel center. 

Mission visa holder must depart from UAE in order to apply for an employee visa. 

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UAE Mission Visa

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